True of Voice: A Musical, Dance, Theatre Production

“True of Voice” is a musical dance theatre production, set in modern times and ancient Egypt, in which a diverse cast of characters apply the lessons they have learned in their travels through space and time to their struggles for justice.

Main Characters:

  1. Neferkare, a young African-American shot by police, also an ancient Egyptian king
  2. Neith, a lesbian assaulted while celebrating her anniversary, also an ancient Egyptian queen
  3. Chelsea, a military intelligence whistleblower realizing her transgender identity

“True of Voice” weaves together diverse story threads of a young African-American shot by police, a lesbian couple assaulted during their anniversary dinner, and a conscientious transgender whistleblower. These characters – like most queer and intersectional people – are struggling for justice, in the face of oppression, so they can lead healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Based partly on an actual ancient Egyptian gay tale, the play includes the tomb of the first male couple in history. Modern characters travel back in time to ancient Egypt where a fierce polyamorous priestess queen has enlisted their aid. She, along with the modern-day visitors, helps her king and his male lover to best adjust to environmental challenges and the democratization of their homeland. With the wisdom gleaned from their stay in ancient Egypt, the modern trio return home better prepared to face the struggles for present-day justice through movements to end police terror, to promote acceptance of queer people, and to transform the political and environmental landscape.

The production is set in modern times and in ancient Egypt. By blending contemporary issues with historic themes – discovering our queer and intersectional identities, demonization of our private lives, solidarity in the face of public exposure, democratization of information and resource access, the brutality of police, military, and prison complexes, the strain of climate change, national identifications and exclusions, and organizing for political and social change – this cleverly constructed production will provide a compelling self-portrait of the diversity and commonality of contemporary and past queer and intersectional communities.

We are fascinated by the opportunity for contemporary and historical realness based on extensive research and dramatic presentation of the story, music, instruments, dance, costumes/makeup, and sets.

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Ritual Art Troupe logo True of Voice is a project of the Ritual Art Troupe, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

A Musical Dance Theatre Production